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This XL30 ESEM-FEG field emission environmental Scanning electron microscope is made by FEI Company in USA. The imaging mechanism of SEM is: when high-energy electron beam interact with surface layer of sample, Secondary Electrons, Backscattered Electrons and X-ray will be inspired; SEM collects and magnifies these information to get image.
The maximal acceleration voltage of SEM is 30kv, and the highest space resolution is 2nm. Now we use it to observe the microstructure of bamboo, bamboo charcoal and rattan, to analyze the element distributing in bamboo charcoal, treated bamboo, and bromize wood.
This XL30 FE-ESEM has many advantages than traditional SEM. Firstly, the brightness of field emission Electron Gun is about one thousand times than traditional SEM with tungsten filament. So, we can get higher revolution with lower acceleration voltage. Secondly, we can not only observe the electric sample in high vacuum mode, but also observe the biological sample without covering with metal in environment mode. Moreover, this cold holder can freeze sample to avoid the drying shrinkage.
Thirdly, this equipment also can carry out element analysis. It has an X-ray detector and EDXA analysis system. It can be use to do qualitative and quantitative analysis for elements which atomic number is more than Beryllium.
In a word, this FE-ESEM is functional to our research, and there is only one in our research field in China.