Tecnai G2 12 Transmission Electron Microscope(TEM)

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The Tecnai G2 12 Transmission Election Microscope is designed for 120kV and lower operation voltages, suitable for Life Science Studies, produced by FEI company. The microscope contains the TWIN objective lens optimized for 2D imaging of low-contrast samples, The microscope is ideal for imaging cells and cell organelles or other soft matter like polymers. The microscope is equipped with a CCD camera can achieve and photography high-resolution digital images.
Easy to Operate. The instrument runs completely software controlled under Windows 2000.This not only allows for easy set-up of the system and acquisition of data but also allows for controlling and managing of the data that are produced.
Use widely. Obtain surface images and structural information at micron, sub-micron level on plants, animals and micro organ, various virus pathogen bodies and other materials;Standard images processing includes either tissue or cell cultures either as monolayers, on membranes or as pellets and special orientation, and element components analysis as well. In our lab, mainly used study in timber sub-micron structure of bamboo and rattans, and crystalloid structure analysis.
Main features and parameters:
(1) Sample size: up to 3mm diameter; 2mm in X-Y movement
(2) Filament: tungsten filament
(3) Beam voltage: 20kv~120kv
(4) Resolution: hightest point resolution 0.3nm, line resolution 0.2nm
(5) Specimen holders: Single tilt holder ±70°; Double tilt holder (x ±70°, y ±30°).;Gatan cryo-transfer holder.
(6) High tilt and large field of view
(7) Low-dose exposure