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It is my pleasure to introduce this X-ray powder diffracted meter to you. This equipment was made in Holland, Philips Company. We used it to measure bamboo and rattan’s microfibral angle (MFA), micro-density, the size of crystal range and the relative crystallinity of cellulose. Crystallinity means the degree of crystallization.
As we know, the microfibral angle is a very important property of bamboo and rattan. The mechanical properties of bamboo and rattan are largely decided by MFA. And the crystallinity can be used to predict the early decay on bamboo.
It is very convenient to operate this equipment: all parameters can be input by computer and the program controls the test procedure. The scanning speed is quick, it only take about 1 minute to complete a test. And its security is good, when it is working, the lead window locked itself to avoid leakage of X-ray.
When we changed the holder, it can test sample with the shape of powder, block and film. These are temperature control, the lowest is temperature of liquid Nitrogen and the highest is 450 degrees centigrade. It aimed at the crystal change due to the temperature.
So, this system is functional to our research. By the way, this equipment also can be use for other crystal material.