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This is Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, for short, we call it NMR. NMR was mainly used to study the chemical structure of some unknown materials, so it was called the eyes of chemists by some scientists. For us, we mainly use it to explore the chemical structure of some extractives of bamboo and rattan, because according many report, some extractives have the promise of being used for medicine production and health care. We also use NMR to study the chemical structure of lignin, cement, corrosion remover, and so on. We hope we can use it to ascertain the chemical structure of some compounds, which are useful to the industry of bamboo and rattan.
This is the NMR sample tube, and the sample will be dissolved in this tube by NMR reagent. During the experiment, the sample tube must be inserted into the roator, then use this cylinder to measure the depth of the sample to assure it can meet the need of experiment. Finally, insert the tube into the probe and the experiment can be started by controlling the computer.