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The system are a ordinary high vacuum Quanta scanning electron microscopy produced by FEI company, made in Holland. The standard layout of the Quanta 200 is based around a dedicated microscope controller along with electrical console to power the microscope console. The additional support computer brings the system on line with network or increases the capabilities of the system itself. The Quanta 200 SEM equipped secondary electron (SE) and back-scattered election (BSE) lens, can fulfill all needs of conventional imaging and microanalysis, produce enlarged images of a variety of specimens, achieving magnification more than 100,000x,providing high resolution imaging in a digital format.
The system have CCD lens,can view the movement of sample holders at any moment, which decrease the possibility of object lens running into sample.
The SEM is easy to use. Its four Quadrant image display simultaneously provides surface information and phase distribution the live images of second electron(SE)and back-scattered electron(BSE) images, The system have three imaging modes(high vacuum, low vacuum and ESEM)to accommodate the widest range of sample of any SEM system.
Use widely. Obtain surface images and structural information at micron, sub-micron level. In our lab, mainly used study in timber micro structure of bamboo and rattans.
Main features and parameters:
(8) Sample size: block or powder samples, up to 30mm -in-diameter specimens
(9) filament: tungsten filament
(10) Beam voltage: 200v~30kv
(11) Resolution: 1.5 nm in secondary electron imaging (SEI) and 3.0 nm in backscattered electron imaging (BEI) when the microscope is operated at 30 kV
(12) Specimen chamber: 50mm motorized stage in X-Y movement, with a motorized z-range of 25mm; 360° rotation and a maximum tilt angle of 60°
(13) Other Features:Auto functions in focusing, astigmatism correction, and brightness-contrast adjustment are available.