TA Instruments

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The three TA instruments in this lab are made by TA corporation in America. TA analyzer is applied extensively, and measures some physical properties associated with temperature-change, such as vapor tension, heat stability, combustibility, soften temperature, boiling point and so on.
The Differential Scanning Calorimeter(DSC) determines the temperature and heat flow associated with material transitions as a function of time and temperature. It also provides quantitative and qualitative data on endothermic (heat absorption) and exothermic (heat evolution) processes of materials during physical transitions that are caused by phase changes, melting, oxidation, and other heat-related changes. This information helps the scientist or engineer identify processing and end-use performance.
Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) is a thermal weight-change analysis instrument, used in conjunction with a TA Instruments thermal analysis controller and associated software, to make up a thermal analysis system. The Thermogravimetric Analyzer measures the amount and rate of weight change in a material, either as a function of increasing temperature, or isothermally as a function of time, in a controlled atmosphere. It can be used to characterize any material that exhibits a weight change and to detect phase changes due to decomposition, oxidation, or dehydration. This information helps the scientist or engineer identify the percent weight change and correlate chemical structure, processing, and end-use performance.
Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) is an thermal analytical instrument used to test the mechanical properties of many different materials. It is the 3rd generation of DMA from TA Instruments that incorporates state-of-theart technologies in hardware and software. To make measurements, the test specimen is mounted on one of several clamps, all of which have been designed using Finite Element Analysis to minimize mass and compliance. Basically, a deformation is imposed on the specimen in order to evaluate intrinsic as well as extrinsic mechanical properties of the material.
In conclusion, TA instruments are used to study bamboo, rattan and others.