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Manufacturer : Agilent Company of America.
Including 6890N GC and 5973I four pole MS. The GC is furnished with the flame ionizing detection (FID ), having automatic electronic pressure control (EPC), autoinjector with 8-sample tray. The MS has EI sources , the molecule turbo pump and SCAN and SIM mode.
The characteristics: The 5973 Inert MSD is the most sensitive GC/MS ever. The proprietary inert ion source design delivers the ultimate performance for active compounds. we can get the molecular structure of analyte from the NIST database.
Application: Be used to make quantitative and qualitative analysis about the active component of plant material such as bamboo, rattan, flowers and so on. It also can screen and determine timber antiseptic, bamboo vinegar liquid etc, and also can make determine of other material with low molecular weight.