Job Openings at ICBR for High-Caliber Scientific and Technological Professionals

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Established in July 2000, the International Centre for Bamboo and Rattan (ICBR) is a nation-level research institution that operates under the command of the State Forestry Administration (SFA) and receives full funding from the state. The purpose of ICBR is to directly serve the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR), the first intergovernmental organization headquartered in China, and promote the sustainable development of bamboo and rattan, by setting up an international research platform for bamboo and rattan.

ICBR boasts key laboratories co-established by the SFA and Beijing Municipal People’s Government, with research fields ranging from bamboo and rattan biotechnology, properties and their processing and utilization, bamboo and rattan cultivation management, to research and assessment of ecological functions. Besides, ICBR is also building a world bamboo and rattan gene bank, engaging in international scientific and technological collaboration and exchanges, training high-caliber professionals, building a modern technological information network for bamboo and rattan, as well as providing consultation, demonstration, and assessment services for clients from home and abroad.

To further enhance our key laboratories, attract top-notch talents with internationally leading research abilities, and promote the development of bamboo and rattan, we now invite high-caliber research professionals from higher education institutions and research institutes in China and across the world to join us at ICBR. In accordance with the SFA Management Practices for the Introduction of High-Caliber Scientific and Technological Professionals, we hereby post the job openings at ICBR for high-caliber scientific and technological professionals as followed:

I. Job openings and requirements



 No.  Disciplines/Research Fields  Responsibilities and Requirements  Reasons to set this post


Research fields: soil carbon process, biological- geo-chemical circulation, global change and the response and adaptation of forest ecosystem

Mainly work in bamboo and rattan cultivation and physiological ecology;
Coordinate the research in bamboo and rattan cultivation, the monitoring and assessment of ecological functions, resources management, and the relationship between habitat environment  and bamboo and rattan;
Actively develop and explore new research areas and interdisciplinary areas in biological- geo -chemical circulation and carbon-nitrogen-water coupling mechanism of ecosystem,;
Develop new models for the scientific management of bamboo and rattan forests, enhance the cultivation and management of bamboo and rattan, and promote the ecological preservation and economic growth in bamboo and rattan production areas.

1. Candidates should have conducted research in organisms (including plants and soil microorganisms), the environment, human activities, and the effects the interplay of the three has on geo-biological-chemical circulation. In particular, candidates should have experience in the utilization of carbon and nitrogen cycles and in offering adaptation solutions for environmental issues caused by climate change and human activities.
2. Candidates should hold a doctoral degree, have worked or studied abroad, and have presided over and participated in 1 or 2 major scientific research projects such as projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. In the past 5 years, candidates should have at least 5 SCI papers where the candidate is the first author or the corresponding author, or have a cumulative impact factor of SCI papers of over 20.
3. Candidates should be 50 years old or younger.

To make a breakthrough in the key technologies for multi-purpose, multi-function management of bamboo forests;
To enhance the systematicness of research into the ecological functions of bamboo forests, establish a metrological methodology for the carbon sink of bamboo forests, and realize multi-scale monitoring and assessment of bamboo resources.
 2  Wood science and technology

Conduct research in wood science and technology;
Conduct comprehensive and systemic research in the basic characteristics of bamboo and rattan as well as processing and utilization technologies with biomass materials such as bamboo and rattan as objects of study;
Research and develop related materials to be widely used in the structure of buildings, bridges, boats and ships.

1. Candidates should hold a doctoral degree from a prestigious foreign university and have worked in scientific research for over 3 years.
2. In the past 8 years, candidates should have at least 10 SCI papers where the candidate is the first author or the corresponding author.
3. Candidates should be 50 years old or younger.

In need of research professionals in the basic research and the development of processing and utilization techonologies in the field of wood science and technology.


II. Remuneration package
Successful applicants will be offered a working environment and remuneration package in line with the regulations in the SFA Management Practices for the Introduction of High-Caliber Scientific and Technological Professionals.

III. Application materials
1. CV;
2. Copies of three selected publications;
3. Award certifications, copies of the projects you have presided over, and other materials to document your academic performance;
4. Application presentation (in PPT format).

IV. Application deadline and contact information
Applicants please submit your application materials to the Human Resources Department of ICBR via e-mail before December 9, 2015.

Contact person: Wang Mingyu
Tel: 010-84789749