Cooperative Research

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ICBR draws on the experiences of management mode of internationally advanced laboratories, adheres to the principles of “efficiency, innovation, solidarity and development”, and provide professionals with a world-class platform of scientific research. Through the implementation of the August 1994 Introduction Programs of the State Forestry Administration, ICBR has established close linkage with a number of famous overseas scientific research institutions.

At present, ICBR is cooperating with USDA Forest Service Southern Experimental Station to conduct the research on rapid forecast of dynamic properties and chemical compositions of bamboo by applying the infrared spectrum technology, cooperating with the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine of the United Kingdom to conduct research on bamboo and wood preservation, and cooperating with the Australian Research Institute of Forestry to conduct research on eucalyptus drying technology and mechanical processing properties. ICBR is continuously sending relevant scientific professionals to the abovementioned countries for advanced studies, which has in return remarkably improved the scientific research capability.

While introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced techniques, ICBR has established close relations with domestic colleges and universities through cooperation in many projects. It has retained 11 senior experts as part-time mentors for doctorate students from the Chinese Academy of Forestry, the Institute of Genetics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Forestry University and Zhejiang Forestry College, respectively.

ICBR has founded the Graduate School together with the Chinese Academy of Forestry, which has began to enroll doctorate students all over the country since 2004, and it is estimated that it will enroll 16 doctorate students in 2005. Also, ICBR has cooperated with the Department of Material Engineering of Tsinghua University to conduct the “Application Study in Advanced Processing Techniques of Bamboo Charcoal and Its Popularization”. Moreover, it has collaborated with Zhejiang Provincial Academy of Forestry in constructing the criteria system of bamboo and rattan industry.