BMF Housing Project

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INBAR, ICBR, CAF, Fustar and Beijing Chengdong are implementing a project “Development and Promotion of Pre-fabricated Bamboo Module Housing to Provide both Income and Housing to Poor People”, with financial support from Blue Moon Fund.

The main objective of the project is to develop technology and promote local industries producing bamboo based pre-fabricated module houses, which would benefit the environment, local building enterprises and families, particularly poor rural people, slum dwellers and homeless disaster victims who can’t afford expensive houses.

The project will develop various prototype modular bamboo house designs in accordance with standards, costs, and uses in a range of climatic regions and will aim at different groups, i.e. primarily designs for disaster victims (emergency shelters), poor rural families and slum dwellers, but also for schools, small offices and houses for richer families.

A pilot production unit will be established in China where 5 units with different designs will be produced and tested this year. The appropriateness of these units will be tested in PR China and the Tsunami affected areas of Sri Lanka.