CFC House Project

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Duration : 36 months
Location : Nepal, Ethiopia, China

Project Objective :
To support the establishment of pre-processing and production centers for pre-fabricated bamboo houses in Nepal and Ethiopia, by transferring and commercializing  the technology developed through an INBAR-BMF project in China , so as to promote bamboo for environmentally friendly housing

Supervisory Body: INBAR
Project Executing Agency
International Centre for Bamboo and Rattan (ICBR)
Collaborating Institutions:
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation,  Nepal (SNV)
Himalayan Bamboo Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal,
Federal Micro and Small Enterprise Development Agency, Ethiopia,
Research Institute of Wood Industry, Beijing, China, and
FUSTAR Bamboo, Hangzhou, China

Specific objectives
To enhance the design and technology of pre-fabricated modular bamboo housing;
To establish pre-fabricated bamboo housing production centres in Asia (Nepal) and Africa (Ethiopia) by building local capacities and transferring the technology developed in China;
To develop community-based production chains by developing linkage between community-owned pre-processing enterprises with processing centers to maximize the benefits from the projects to the poor;
To build capacity of local communities to cultivate, manage, harvest and pre-process bamboo for the housing industry;
To promote bamboo in the housing market in Asia and Africa as a reliable and environmentally friendly building material.

Expected outputs
Improved processing technologies for bamboo panels and beams;
Improved pre-fabricated bamboo housing designs, adjusted according to the needs of the project countries;
Two production centres established each in Nepal and Ethiopia;
Increased capacity of designers and professional technicians to smoothly run the production centres;
Pre-processing centres established in different communities;
Poor local communities directly involved & employed in the bamboo pre-processing centers & provided with employment opportunities in the production centers;
Local communities trained to manage, harvest and pre-process the bamboo culms;
Demonstration sites established in six countries; three each in Asia (Nepal, Bangladesh and India) and Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania);
National building codes prepared in these six countries;
Business plans for transferring technology to other countries of the regions;
Awareness raised on the importance of bamboo housing among private and public sectors in Asia and Africa