Roshani Concluded 2006 ICBR Open Fund Research Programme

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Roshani Manandhar, head of the department of environmental science in Tribhuvan University of Nepal, has recently finished the cooperative research programme supported by 2006 ICBR Open Fund. As an environmental scientist, she takes great interest in the research and development of bamboo, which is beneficial for environment and sustainable development. With the advanced equipment of ICBR laboratory and the assistance of ICBR researchers, she conducted research on the mechanical and physico-chemical properties of the two bamboo species she selected from Nepal (Bambusa nutans var. nutans and Bambusa. balcoa). According to her, the data and results from these experiments are quite valuable, as little serious research on bamboo had been done in Nepal. Based on her analysis of chemical composition, anatomical characteristics and fiber, she found that B. nutans var. nutans is more suitable for paper making and panel processing for house construction, while the higher ethanol-benzene extractives of B.balcoa could be an advantage for anti-decay in architecture processing and utilization. 

Her two-month stay in China also provided her a good opportunity to learn about China’s bamboo and rattan resources and industry. Since she has got a better understanding of the properties of Nepal’s indigenous bamboo species, she now could explore the proper utilization of their bamboo resources so that bamboo can play an important role in environmental and ecological conservation, industry development and income generation in poor rural areas back in her own country.

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