2008 Visiting Scholar Programme

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The 2008 Visiting Scholar Programme sponsored by the Key Laboratory of Bamboo and Rattan Science and Technology of the International Centre for Bamboo and Rattan, Beijing, China, is inviting applications for scholarships from other INBAR member countries. Click here to download Application Form .

2008 Visiting Scholar Programme
Key Laboratory of Bamboo and Rattan Science & Technology
State Forestry Administration

1. Objective
To promote international cooperation and exchange on bamboo and rattan (B&R) research and development between China and other INBAR member countries

2. Major R & D fields of the Laboratory
Nature of research: basic/applied/adaptive
 Bio-material
 Bamboo & Rattan Life Sciences
 Bamboo & Rattan Bio-chemistry
 Bamboo & Rattan Cultivation and Ecology
 Information and Industry Policy on Bamboo & Rattan

3. Priority research fields for 2008
 Bamboo & Rattan Processing Engineering
 Bamboo & Rattan Structure and Function
 Bamboo & Rattan Preservation and Improvement
 Bamboo & Rattan Bio-technology
 Bamboo & Rattan Germplasm Preservation
 Bio-chemistry Utilization
 Eco-chemistry
 Bamboo & Rattan Cultivation
 Bamboo & Rattan Ecology
 Bamboo & Rattan and Environment

4. Fund available for 2008
Two or three successful applicants will be invited to the Key Laboratory for the 2008 Visiting Scholar Programme. ICBR will provide the fund to cover expenses for their international travel, insurance as well as accommodations and pocket money during their stay in China.

5. Qualification of applicants
Citizen of an INBAR member country preferred (for a list of member countries, please go to http://www.inbar.int/members.htm)
University graduates and above, preferably with more than two years of work experience
Working language: English

6. Procedures
Applicants should send an application letter together with the completed application form, CV and recommendation letters to ICBR via e-mail by 20 May 2008.
E-mail: icbr.info@gmail.com; coolwater@icbr.ac.cn
Tel: +86-10-84789735; Fax: +86-10-64722290
Applications will be reviewed by the Academic Committee of the Key Laboratory and selection will be based on each applicant’s proposed research subject, academic achievements, work experience etc.
The Laboratory will notify the applicants of the results by 20 June 2008.
The selected applicants are expected to conduct a two-month study on a agreed research subject at the Key Laboratory between June and November