Int'l Design Workshop on Prefab Bamboo Module Housing

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Background  Workshop Agenda

Bamboo is one of the oldest materials used for the construction of houses and other structures. Its strength, flexibility, versatility and durability make it a suitable alternative construction material to timber.

INBAR has been promoting bamboo for construction through capacity building and awareness raising programmes in Latin America, Africa and Asia, using training events and demonstration model houses. INBAR has actively built a network and partnerships with many institutions and individuals to promote bamboo for housing globally.

Beside awareness raising, INBAR has also innovated bamboo building systems and facilitated the development of international and national codes and standards. INBAR would like to promote innovative systems in both private and governmental sectors in order to achieve the long-term goal of replacing unsustainable building materials with environmentally friendly sustainable bamboo resources.

INBAR is currently collaborating with the Blue Moon Foundation, USA, on an innovative housing project. The main objective of the project is to design, develop and demonstrate panel based bamboo modular houses. The project will develop various prototype modular bamboo house designs in accordance with standards, costs, and uses in a range of climatic regions and will aim at different groups, including designs for disaster victims (emergency shelters), poor rural families and slum dwellers, but also for schools, small offices and homes for more affluent families. A pilot production unit will be established in China where 12 units with different designs will be produced and tested. The appropriateness of these units will be tested in China and the Tsunami affected areas of Sri Lanka. The results of the pilot production will be disseminated widely through different media and networks.

The project is envisaged to be the pilot phase of a much larger project, which will set up a modular bamboo housing industry in many more countries. A large scale project proposal will be developed, involving many more donors and partners to replicate and optimize this approach to housing and income generation for the many countries of the world where suitable bamboo species can be grown and where good quality but inexpensive housing is urgently needed.

Workshop details

One of the primary objectives of the project is to develop various designs of engineered bamboo modular houses according to international standards, cost and for both hot and cold climatic regions. In order to achieve this objective, INBAR is going to organize a three-day international workshop in Beijing. Based on the output of the workshop, the final design work will be sub-contracted to a reputed company and will be selected as per their experiences and costs.

The main objectives of the workshop are -

To discuss and brainstorm about the market demand, requirements and considerations of the designs of various types of houses and to finalize TOR for the designer
To share the existing design experiences of bamboo or wood based panel modular houses
To provide recommendations to the designer regarding considerations of codes and standards of modular houses for various purposes
To discuss the testing procedures of the components of the housing
Last but not least to form a taskforce to prepare a long-term strategy for a global bamboo housing programme
The participants are expected to contribute to the following:

Designers, architects and other technical persons are expected to provide and share their experiences and knowledge on designing aspects of bamboo housing, i.e., present their ideas on technical, economical and social aspects
Design companies who would like to be considered for the design sub-contract are expected to present their experiences, capacity and proposal (budget and timeline) for the design. It is also highly recommended for interested companies to prepare some designs as per the aforementioned requirements to discuss them during the workshop
Entrepreneurs, consumer representatives and other non-technical persons are expected to contribute to design requirements and strategy for expanding or replicating outcomes of the project in their regions
All participants are expected to provide support to build a network and play vital role in the INBAR global housing programme
Participants are expected to contribute to a strategy paper for a global bamboo housing programme (only those who will be selected as taskforce members)
Participants are invited from a wide range of fields and backgrounds including professionals from design companies, universities, architects, entrepreneur, consumer representatives, etc. The maximum number of participant will be limited to 25.

From August 28 to 30 (3 days). Participants are suggested to arrive in Beijing on 27th of August.

International Network for Bamboo and Rattan, Beijing, PR China.

Accommodation, food and local travel will be provided to all the participants. International round air tickets will be provided to the selected number of international participants and are limited. Qualified applicants who can support their international air ticket are encouraged to apply for the workshop.

Application deadline
Please submit your application and your summary of your expected contribution to the following contact person by July 15, 2006

Contact person

Shyam K Paudel
Tel: +86 10 64706161 (307)