2007 INBAR Bamboo Study Tour in Zhejiang and Sichuan, China

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In cooperation with the International Center for Research on Agro-Forestry (ICRAF), INBAR organized a Bamboo Study Tour in Zhejiang province of China during 10th-16th May, 2005. 20 participants form 7 countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, U.S.A, Vietnam and Thailand) joined the study tour and witnessed the achievements of Chinese bamboo development over the last 25 years.

Zhejiang Province is situated along the shore of the East Sea. There are about thirty genera and four hundred varieties of bamboos in Zhejiang. There are about many thousands of bamboo articles. They have been sold around the world, creating an annual output of RMB 12 billion Yuan in 2002. In other words, Zhejiang is the native place and the kingdom of bamboos.

The Bamboo Study Tour aims at raising the awareness on the importance of bamboo as a valuable Non-timber Forest Product and promoting the industrial development of bamboos. The tour included many bamboo based sectors ranged form research institute to bamboo plantation, form manufacturing and processing to eco-tourism. The Participants visited bamboo high yield plantation, factories for bamboo panel and flooring producing, shoot processing and curtain making, as well as Zhehjang Forestry University.
The biggest Anji bamboo botanical garden in the world and China Bamboo Museums during the course.

The participants were deeply impressed by the economic benefits, social benefits and the ecological benefits that brought about by bamboos. Many government officials from East African countries expressed their eagerness in learning Chinese bamboo experience to promote the bamboo industry development in their own countries. ICRAF further invited Dr.Fu Jinhe to East Africa for feasibility visit April 2006. Participants form suggested a Workshop in Vietnam for Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. A consultative company on construction from New York likes to promote bamboo uses in construction area. An American company bought 100,000RMB machines. A Hawaii company is purchasing bamboo products
for a container.

On April 15-24, 2007, INBAR will be continuing such kind of event in response to the demands from various interested individuals and institutions. 2007 Bamboo Tour will be in Zhejiang and Sichuan province and for the tentative schedule please download it from. In Sichuan we will visit Giant Panda habitat and INBAR bamboo handicrafts training base. The cost in China is 1100$/person covering accommodation, food, transportation, domestic flight etc. Participants should cover their international flight. If you are interest in this tour, please contact Dr. Fu, Jinhe (jfu@inbar.int) before March 2007.

Download Itinerary of Bamboo Study Tour Zhejiang and Sichuan in MS Word Document