2nd Int'l Conference on Wood Culture

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Co-organized by Beijing Forestry University and Nanjing Forestry University, the 2nd International Conference on Wood Culture was held in Nanjing on 28-31 May 2007. 131 scholars form Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, USA and Taiwan of China presented at the conference.


Dr. Howard N. Rosen of USA, Chair of ICWC, Dr. Arthur B. Brauner, Former vice President of US Forest Products Society, Dr. Victoria L. Herian, Managing Director, US Wood Science and Technology Association, Dr. Xu Zhongyun , Southern Research Station of Forestry Department, Ministry of Agriculture, USA and Dr. Tony Zhang ,FORINTEK, Canada presented at the conference. Prof. Chen Xuhe, ICBR attended the meeting and made a presentation on “Bamboo Culture in China.” Altogether 33 papers were presented at the meeting. Major topics discussed included wood culture and arts, wood species and uses, green materials and buildings, sustainable development, timber trade, wood standards, furniture design, etc. The conference concluded that more efforts are needed to promote wood culture so as to establish the harmonized relations between human being and the nature.