Projects and Achievements

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ICBR is now undertaking 36 scientific research projects, including two “973” projects, two “863” projects, ten important national-level research projects, nine national “948” projects, one National Natural Science Foundation-funded projects, two international cooperative projects, two promotion projects and Xing Huo projects. The fund for scientific research in 2004 was 19 million yuan.

There are ? papers published in academic periodicals and meetings, including ? works, two national invention patents achieved. Key Lab is making deep research in areas such as cultivation of bamboo germplasm resources and sustainable management technology of commercial bamboo forest, high efficient integrated utilization technology of bamboo, high efficient integrated utilization technology of bamboo resources and deep processing technology, integrated value of benefit of the cultivation of bamboo and rattan resources and industrialization of high efficient industrial utilization, cultivation and utilization technology of rattan germplasm resources, the bio-technology of bamboo and rattan etc, and has made great ecological, social and economic benefits.