Material Science and Technology of Bamboo and Rattan

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This research field is mainly focusing on the comprehensive and systematic study on basic characteristics such as anatomy, mechanics and chemistry of bamboo and rattan. Following national advanced high-tech fields, this field develops high value-added bamboo and rattan composite materials, expands the application of bamboo and rattan material.

The leader of this research field: Prof. Jiang Zehui
Key academic members: Wang Ge, Yu Yan, Sun Zhenjun, Qin Daochun

Research mission:
Basic research on the microstructure and ultrastructure of bamboo and rattan;
Research on the physical, chemical, and mechanical character of bamboo and rattan;
The composite material made from bamboo with high added value;
The advanced defending technologies of bamboo and rattan;
Various kinds of bamboo charcoal, in particular the research and exploitation of the ones with special function;
The establishment of the related standards of the products made from bamboo and rattan.