Postgraduate Program

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ICBR builds up a graduate school with the Chinese Academy of Forestry, and is able to offer Doctor of Science, Doctor of engineering and Doctor of agriculture. The graduate school has enrolled 21 doctor students since 2004 and another 18 will be enrolled in 2007.

Students Recruitment
2004: 4 postgraduates
2005: 8 postgraduates
2006: 9 postgraduates
2010: projected total enrollment, 100 postgraduates

Supervisors and Professors
Doctoral Supervisors:
   JIANG Zehui,   PENG Zhenhua,   LI Jiayang, ZHANG Qisheng,   JIANG Youxu,
   SONG Zhanqian,   BAI Jiayu,   YUE Yongde,
   CHEN Xuhe,   FAN Shaohui, JIANG Xiaomei, LU Mengzhu,  DING Yulong.

Supervisors for Graduates:
   GAO Jian,   WANG Ge,   YU Yi