Major break-throughs achieved by ICBR

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During the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” period, ICBR as the leading institution in cooperation with 5 scientific institutions, i.e.: the Wood Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Forestry, the Sub-tropical Forestry Research Institute, the Nanjing Forestry Chemical Research Institute, Nanjing Forestry University and Zhejiang Forestry College, has completed after 3 years of joint efforts the Key Scientific Project for the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” on the Key Technologies and Demonstration on Bamboo and Rattan Cultivation and Efficient Industrial Utilization. It has achieved major break-through in the key technologies on bamboo and rattan cultivation and efficient industrial utilization with a series of significant technological outputs, including:
Technology for producing bamboo laminated building timber
Technology for producing structural building timber ( I-beam, poles and roof truss etc.)
Technology for producing building bamboo plywood
Technology for producing bamboo-wood composite floor panels for containers
Technology for producing consolidated bamboo veneer laminated composite flooring
Technology for producing wide bamboo veneer laminated decorative materials
Technical system for efficient bamboo and rattan preservation
Technology for producing nano light catalytic material modified bamboo charcoal
Technology of synthesizing natural melanin with bamboo shoots and liquid released in processing bamboo shoots.
Technology of making carbonated charcoal with bamboo chips.
Technology of bamboo leave fragrance isolation and enrichment
Technology of rapid monopodial bamboo propagation by means of tissue culture
Efficient and intensive cultivation technology of bamboo plantation
Bamboo germplasm collection and conservation technology