Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors of ICBR

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At the sixth anniversary of the founding of the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR), its headquarters building is set up and put into use, which symbolizes that INBAR has stepped into a new starting point.
The International Center for Bamboo and Rattan (ICBR) under the State Forestry Administration was founded in July of 2000. Approved by the Ministry of Sciences and Technologies (MOST), the Ministry of Finance and Central Manning Quotas Office, ICBR is a non-profitable scientific research institution focusing on the sustainable development of bamboo and rattan by conducting scientific research, international exchange and cooperation, domestic and international training, and research management.
In the past three years, under the concern and great support by leaders at different levels and by related departments, under the concerted efforts of the staff, ICBR has got its continuous and remarkable improvement in its functions, especially in the construction of basic facilities, the construction of key laboratory, the institutional and capacity building, and scientific research.
At present, ICBR undertakes a series of scientific research projects such as Research and Demonstration of Crucial Techniques for Cultivation of Bamboo and Rattan Resources and Efficient Utilization in the Tenth Five-Year Plan, High Technology Research Project, international cooperative project, and national major basic research project; meanwhile, it shoulders the following tasks: the construction of national key open laboratory, the promotion of international cooperation and exchange, the building of professional team, and fostering of professional talents. ICBR will strictly implement the theme of Resolutions on National Forestry Development by CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and in accordance with the strategic deployment for forestry invigoration by science and education. As required by the middle and Iong term development plan of forestry science and technology, ICBR will endeavor to initiate a new phase for the cause of bamboo and rattan by hard working and innovation with concerted efforts.
Facing the future, ICBR will carry on the spirit for innovation. Bearing in mind both China and the world, ICBR will energetically conduct basic research, applied research and technical development from the prospects of fundamentality and strategic significance while ICBR will conscientiously probe new study topics on bamboo and rattan, and strive to build it a top-grade scientific research institution so as to make contributions to the sustainable development of bamboo and rattan both in China and other pads of the world.