On August 6th, the "Workshop on Sustainable Development and Management of Bamboo and Rattan Resources for Belt and Road Countries 2019", sponsored by China’s Ministry of Commerce, organized by ICBR and co-organized by INBAR, commenced in Beijing. A total of 26 senior officials working in the fields of forestry, agriculture, science and technology, standards, natural resources and environment from 7 countries along the Belt and Road will embark on a 21-day journey, to learn and discuss how to sustainably develop and manage bamboo and rattan resources.


In the 21-day workshop, participants will have thematic lectures, seminars, discussions, exchanges, field trips and cultural experiences, etc. The field trips will take them to Hangzhou City and Anji County, Zhejiang Province to see the high-yield bamboo plantations, to visit high-tech bamboo product manufacturers, and to talk with local government officials, entrepreneurs and others working in bamboo and rattan industries.