On November 21, the “2019 Bamboo Industry Value-added Overseas Training Course in Ecuador” hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of China, organized by ICBR and co-organized by INBAR and the Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation in Ecuador was held in Puerto Viejo, Manabí, Ecuador.


The 45-day overseas training is aimed at supporting the Ecuadorian national bamboo development strategy proposed by President Lenin Moreno in his video speech at the 1st Global Bamboo and Rattan Conference in Beijing, 2018. 62 Ecuadorian craftsmen and technical experts learned and produced more than 260 pieces of bamboo woven products; mastered the types and characteristics of the main bamboo species in Ecuador. The training course taught China’s advanced high-value-adding bamboo product production technology and industrial development experience, improves the design and quality of Ecuadorian bamboo products, deepens South-South cooperation between China and Ecuador in bamboo, and is conducive to promoting the value-adding of Ecuador’s bamboo industry and its sustainable development.