On October 8th, after the awarding ceremony of the 2019 Horti-Expo, Prof. JIANG Zehui met with the AIPH delegation led by Mr. Bernard Oosterom, President of AIPH. Deputy Administrator of NAFA, Secretary-General of the China Flower Association were present.


Prof. Jiang expressed her gratitude to President Bernard and his delegation for attending the award ceremony and closing ceremony of the 2019 Beijing Horti-Expo. She said that the success of the 2019 Beijing Horti-Expo is impossible without the guidance of AIPH and BIE and the joint efforts of all parties concerned. From the bidding to the preparation for the Beijing Horti-Expo, the AIPH President and Secretary-General have visited Beijing many times to provide guidance on the preparation. At the same time, tens of thousands of people from various countries and all over China have made tremendous efforts for the wonderful presentation of the 2019 Beijing Horti-Expo. Its success is not only in scale, but also in innovative methods and concepts. The theme of "Green Life and Beautiful Home" leads people to respect, protect, and integrate into nature, conveying people's beautiful yearning for green cities and life, and will be carried on to future life and work by every exhibitor, participant and visitor, making a continuous influence on the world.