On July 7, 2022, the Seminar on the Design and Processing of Bamboo Furniture and Lamp for Ecuador sponsored by MOFCOM, organized by ICBR and co-organized by INBAR opened in Beijing. The following guests of honor attended and spoke at the ceremony: Prof. Fei Benhua, Director General of ICBR; Mr. Xu Qiangxing, Senior Inspector of the Department of International Cooperation of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration; Dr. Lu Wenming, Deputy Director General of INBAR; His Excellency Sr. Carlos Larrea, Ambassador of Ecuador to China, and Mr. Chen Feng, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Ecuador.

 A total of 58 participants in Ecuador signed up for the seminar, which will be conducted online for 20 days. Experts and technicians from scientific research institutes, universities and bamboo enterprises such as ICBR, Beijing Forestry University, Hangzhou Suoshi Round Bamboo Furniture Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Jizhu Culture Co., Ltd., etc., are invited to give in-depth lectures on the key techniques of the design and processing of bamboo furniture and lamps and share about facts, cultures, stories and experiences of China.

To support the implementation of the bamboo-focused development strategy of Ecuador, ICBR has already held 4 bilateral international seminars exclusively for Ecuador. The seminars which covered topics about bamboo processing, sustainable development of the bamboo industry, innovative utilization of bamboo resources in post-disaster reconstruction, etc., and trained nearly 200 senior officials and technicians have achieved remarkable results and were highly praised by all parties concerned