On November 6, the "2019 Overseas Technical Training Course for Sustainable Development of Ecuador's Bamboo Industry" was successfully completed in Santo Domingo Province, Ecuador. This training course is a bilateral technical training in the field of bamboo and rattan under the China's foreign aid human resources development cooperation project. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China, undertaken by the ICBR and co-organized by INBAR and Ecuador's Higher Education and Technological Innovation Secretariat.


This training course is the first bilateral technical training project that ICBR carried out in South America. In response to the needs of Ecuadorian participants, both bamboo weaving and bamboo furniture making techniques were taught simultaneously during the 30-day training. The training program effectively raised the awareness of the potential of bamboo resources among local people in Ecuador, stimulated interest and enthusiasm in the development and utilization of bamboo, helped improve the quality of bamboo products in Ecuador, increased the added value of products and helped improve rural livelihoods, making a contribution to the green, inclusive and sustainable development of Ecuador's bamboo industry.