On October 29, 2019, Mr. Phan Van Thang, director of the Non-timber Forest Products Research Center of the Vietnam Academy of Forestry Sciences (VAFS), led a 20-person delegation to visit ICBR. Talks were held between two parties chaired by Dr. FEI Benhua, Executive deputy director of ICBR.


Dr. Fei first extended a warm welcome to the VAFS delegation and said that this visit is the first exchange event since the signing of the bilateral framework agreement on scientific and technological cooperation between ICBR and VAFS on September 12, which serves as a good start for the long-term cooperation between the two parties in the future. Dr. LI Zhiqiang, deputy director of the Department of International Cooperation of ICBR introduced the development of China's bamboo industry and related policies to the delegation. Mr. Phan Van Thang, head of the Vietnamese delegation, introduced the development history of the Non-Timber Forest Products Research Center and the situation of bamboo resources in Vietnam, and hoped to cooperate with ICBR on the introduction and cultivation of regional bamboo species, the processing and utilization of bamboo resources, and the transformation and upgrading of the bamboo industry.


China and Vietnam both have abundant bamboo resources. On the basis of the agreement between the two parties, ICBR and VAFS can further strengthen cooperation and explore the possibility of joint implementation of scientific research projects through training, academic exchanges and policy exchanges in the future to promote a prospering bamboo and rattan industry in both countries.

Before the meeting, the VAFS delegation visited the bamboo and rattan exhibition hall of ICBR.