On December 14-18, 2019, at the invitation of the University of Piura, Peru, ICBR and INBAR sent a joint expert team to Lima, the capital of Peru, to carry out cooperation with the Peruvian bamboo industry and the evaluation of the Belt and Road countries' bamboo industry development model.


The expert team visited the Chinese Embassy in Peru. Ambassador Liang Yu listened to Professor LI Zhiyong’s introduction on ICBR and China’s bamboo industry, as well as the exchanges with the Forestry Bureau of the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture and provides important suggestions on further cooperation in the bamboo industry between China and Peru. It is hoped that ICBR will further strengthen cooperation with Peru in the field of bamboo and rattan, promoting the development of the Peruvian bamboo industry and contributing to improving the livelihood of the people in the bamboo-producing areas in Peru. On behalf of ICBR, Prof. LI presented Ambassador Liang Yu with a Chinese-version of "Green Bamboo Spirit: 100 Ancient Poems on Bamboo”.