The Honor Day of INBAR was observed at the ongoing Expo 2019 Beijing in Yanqing District, Beijing, on May 16th, 2019.


International Horticultural Exhibitions are the highest-level international professional exhibitions integrating the achievements of horticultural culture and scientific and technological development, with a long history and far-reaching influence. In the past, INBAR held spectacular activities at the international horticultural expos in 1999 in Kunming, in 2011 in Xi’an and in 2014 in Qingdao as well as at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai. The activities, having stood out as highlights at these expos, promoted bamboo and rattan culture and showed the charm of bamboo and rattan. For this exhibition in Beijing, low-carbon and environmentally friendly raw bamboo materials and innovative bamboo-based materials were employed to construct the INBAR Garden with “Bamboo Eye” Pavilion as the main structure, and 15 bamboo species, presenting varying forms and offering a good representation of the big bamboo family, were selective to green the garden. The work of INBAR stands in line with the core ideas of South-South cooperation and win-win cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.


During the Expo, INBAR will host a variety of exhibitions themed on bamboo and rattan’s role in ecological conservation, human settlements, culture, livelihoods and innovation. There will also be public activities to show how bamboo and rattan could improve human living environments and quality of life and bring visitors close to the natural and cultural charms of bamboo and rattan.


On the Honor Day, there was a handover ceremony of bamboo, rattan and flower seedlings for aerospace breeding and a cultural performance themed on the charm of bamboos.