On December 11-14, 2019, an ICBR delegation went to Spain to participate in the "China Corner" bamboo and rattan side meeting of the 25th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and carried out the evaluation of the development model of the bamboo industry in the Belt and Road countries.

In the dialogue session, Senior researcher Prof. Li Zhiyong introduced ICBR's research and development in bamboo and rattan and the results of cooperation between ICBR and bamboo pulp paper enterprises. He emphasized the need for the government, consumers and enterprises to jointly assume responsibility and play a role to support the environmentally friendly solution of replacing plastic with bamboo. He also explained the development potentials of ‘bamboo instead of plastic’ action in China and around the world.

During the meeting, the ICBR delegation also held a cooperation and coordination working group meeting with Professor Viegas and Professor Luis of the University of Lisbon, Portugal, who made a special trip to the conference. The discussion focused on making full use of the EU’s newly released "EU Green Agreement" and the EU "Horizon 2020 Program and China’s “One Belt and One Road” Fund, Climate Change Fund, South-South Cooperation Fund, and the Ministry of Science and Technology's project platform to strengthen bilateral cooperation in research fields such as bamboo and rattan, flowers, forest cities, and renewable energy. The two parties also exchanged views on holding the 2nd International Forest City Conference in China the 2nd Iberian Bamboo Industry Seminar in Portugal.

The delegation also visited Spain’s Eduardo Toroya Institute of Architecture, the Spanish bamboo product market and the Madrid Botanical Garden in exploration the use of bamboo products and construction materials in Spain in response to climate change.