On September 26, 2019, the first consultation meeting of the China-Myanmar Forestry Working Group was held in Mangshi, Yunnan. The Chinese delegation was led by Hu Yuanhui, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation, National Forestry and Grassland Administration. Delegates from the NFGA Department of Wildlife Conservation and Nature, Department of Protected Land Management, Department of Planning and Finance, Forestry Public Security Bureau, Economic and Development Research Center, International Bamboo and Rattan Center, ASEAN Forestry Cooperation Research Center, Zhonglin Group Myanmar Co., Ltd., and Yunnan Forestry and Grass Bureau attended the meeting.

The Myanmar delegation was led by the Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Myanmar and comprised of representatives from Natural Forest and Plantation Department, Wildlife Conservation Department, Fire Protection Department, etc. The meeting was opened with the welcome speech of Mr. Yang Shizhuang, Deputy Mayor of Dehong. After a whole day of tensive and efficient negotiation, the two sides have achieved a broad consensus on combating illegal trade in wild animals and plants, sustainable forest management, trade and investment cooperation, cooperation in cross-border protection and nature reserve construction, joint construction of border forest fire prevention mechanisms. Dr. Luan Junwei spoke on behalf of ICBR at the meeting on the cooperation in bamboo and rattan between China and Myanmar. The head of the Myanmar delegation expressed his affirmation and appreciation for the comprehensive cooperation between China and Myanmar in the field of bamboo and rattan.